Galantamine can be considered a nootropic by some. Galantamine is often times given to alzheimer’s patience since it can benefit memory and treats mild to moderate confusion or dementia. There are quite a few different uses and effects of galantamine and when mixed with other substances can improve memory, the ability to perform daily functions and awareness. This nootropic works by affecting the balance of certain neurotransmitters in the brain.

Uses for Galantamine

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  • -Galantamine Doses
  • -Galantamine Side effects
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Benefits of Galantamine

Galantamine has quite a few different uses. It is oftentimes used to treat dementia and mild to moderate confusion in alzheimer’s patients. There are many sources on the internet which state that Galantamine can do the following: boost cognitive function, improve symptoms in autistic children, relieve symptoms of alzheimer’s, work as an antioxidant, treat obesity, reduce inflammation and most popular of all, galantamine can induce lucid dreaming.

One study available to view on the website for the US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health gave a patient that suffered a mild cognitive impairment Galantamine twice a day for 7 days. The patient ended up showing an increase in performance on memory tasks.

Galantamine for Lucid Dreams

Galantamine is oftentimes searched for online because of its ability to induce lucid dreams. Galantamine for lucid dreams is something that has also been seen in a study available on US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health’s website. You can click here to read more about it. Basically it is a study that noticed a patient suffered had an increase in nightmares and anxiety after taking Galantamine twice a day for ten days.

There have been reports of users that have taken Galantamine to experience lucid dreams and have also experienced out of body experiences during the night. So depending on who takes it and for what reason, you can either have good or bad dreams.

Galantamine Doses

There have been different views as to how much Galantamine is good for dream enhancement. For lucid dreams, Galantamine doses seem to work best when taking between 4-8gm. When taken before you sleep, you can take advantage of having a longer REM cycle that happens in the second phase of your sleep. However, it is recommended you take it a while before you sleep and not sleep right after taking it since you can have an unpleasant experience. While you can have lucid dreams, as shown from the study above, you can also have nightmares and anxiety.

Galantamine Side Effects

You should always consult  your doctor before trying to take Galantamine of any other type of nootropic, drug or supplement. There have been reports of some side effects for Galantamine such as: vomiting, dizziness, loss of appetite, nausea and drowsiness.

If you feel any of this you should consult your doctor immediately.

Where to Buy Galantamine

You can buy Galantamine online or in stores such as a vitamin shop or local pharmacy. Depending on your needs, you can buy it in stores, or you can go online if you have time to wait. Not only will you have more options as to how much Galantamine you want to buy but you can also get better prices. You can get Galantamine on Amazon, or on eBay. Amazon works great if you want quick shipping and eBay is great to get a good price on Galantamine.

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